You get two in one. When we start from healthy normal skin, the combination skin consists of a combination of two skin conditions. It is usually the case that the T-zone tends to overproduce sebum. On the cheeks and sometimes also in the area around the eyes, however, too little sebum is produced. This dries out your skin especially in these places and makes it unbalanced.


Combination Skin

Tip No 01: Use a gentle cleanser

Use mild surfactants or our cleansing oil in the morning and evening. It protects your skin barrier and gently and thoroughly frees the skin from any dirt and grim. So your skin stays radiantly beautiful.

Tip No 02: Do not use aggressive ingredients.

Apply natural, regenerating and well-tolerated ingredients to your skin. Pay particular attention to products that make a real value to your skin. With our Everyday Day Cream you have everything that is good for them.

Tip No 03: Dispose of oily and dry areas differently.

Since the combination skin needs a little more attention, it is a little more effort. Since you have two skin conditions, you have to take care of the T-zone accordingly differently than the dry areas. But our Everyday Face oil is a practical solution to help you out a little bit.

Tip No 04: Protect your skin.

When the first traces of skin aging become visible is quite individual. Support your skin early with sun protection, antioxidants and sufficient moisture. Our Glow Serum will help you with this.



You have a combination skin, and it reacts unusually at the moment? This is normal, because after all, your skin does everything you do all day long. Whether weather changes, seasons, stress, dietary changes – the reasons for a changed skin condition are manifold, but can be managed well again.

Tell us your current skin condition and we’ll help you maintain your skin properly.

Oily skin structure

Features: shiny film on the entire face, prone to acne

Skin structure & pores: larger, clogged pores, prone to blackheads, pustules and pimples

Complexion: glossy, uneven, reddened areas due to impurities

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Property: partially cracked, scaly skin areas, sensitive, porcelain-like skin

Skin structure & pores: fine pores, hardly blackheads, rough, cracked, scaly

Complexion: matte, pale

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Sensitive skin structure

Features: sensitive to new products, fast red, sun sensitive, cold sensitive

Skin structure & pores: fine pores, light skin tone

Complexion: matte, pale

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Mature skin structure

Characteristics: partly dry, scaly skin areas, sensitive, porcelain-like skin

Skin structure & pores: fine pores, hardly blackheads, rough, cracked in put

Complexion: matte, pale

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