Our packaging plays a essential role to reduce our carbon footprint

Our founder Sarah believes one needs to question the status quo to always do a little bit better and this little bit more environmentally-friendly, more sustainable and come closer to our objective to become a complete Circular Beauty Brand.

This is not only true for our products, but also for our packaging and what we do. Our packaging plays an essential role to reduce our carbon footprint. Everything gets wrapped, packed, sent. Thus we began the search for what else is out there. At NAYA, we choose to use recycled packaging for all of our products. Our glass bottles are made from fully recyclable glass and we use recycled card for all of our cartons. When it comes to plastic, we opt for 75% to 100% recycled PET plastic, which (unlike PVC) is fully recyclable and if it is put into landfill, it doesn’t leach any chemicals into the soil.

We have been working hand in hand with our paper providers, printer partners and packaging suppliers and searched through the web to educate ourselves and speak with experts. Every piece of card and paper we use (from packaging to marketing materials) is FSC (Forest Sustainability Certified) to help limit deforestation and ensure forests are sustainably managed. And we are a member of the Carbon Offset Scheme – but can it be even more sustainable?

We also avoid sampling our products in single use sachets as unfortunately these cannot be recycled. They are perfect for travelling but harmful for the environment. Thus we offer amber glass jars which can be reused and upcycled. We are aware glass is also not the most suitable alternative and hence we keep searching and keep a finger on the most innovative, environmental-friendly packaging available.

We encourage our customers to recycle everything we can, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways in which we can reuse or upcycle our used product packaging!

We are also one of the First Beauty Brands offering a Refill Service and now many are following us with this move. We will continue to look for more hygienic and environmentally friendly ways in which we can refill our products for our lovely customers. We currently don’t have the resources for this, but will one day as the company grows.

What we have done in 2019, you can read here .

And what we have done in 2020, you can read here.

And we have more excited launches and changes in 2021 to become more sustainable by considering the afterlife of our products. We cannot wait to share these news with you soon.

We want to be transparent with you for you to feel empowered to support the right brand that helps you transform your skin but also supports the environment for further generations to enjoy.

We have an understanding, far from full as it is a vast and complex space with many ‘stories’ . Our journey has not ended as otherwise, we would not evolve and continue to follow our objective of being a Committed and Circular Company. But we are excited of what we have achieved in 2019 and we look forward to 2020 to continue improving our packaging.

Find out more about our sustainability journey and what we do to reduce our footprint and become a Circular Beauty Brand. Being carbon-neutral isn’t enough. Learn about other fantastic brands that are making a difference in this space in our Sustainability Series. 

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